Spring semester Collin classes start Tuesday


Nick Young

Students searching for college credit opportunities without AP exams, several students take classes in coordination with Collin College. Kicking off class one week later than most students, Monday is the first day of the semester for dual credit courses.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

The five week winter break is officially over for dual credit students as they resumed their Collin College classes Tuesday.

“We had probably around a four week break,” junior Ashley Monohan said. “It really doesn’t affect that much. You just got to get back into the routine of things. It’s just normal for school in general it’s just a different environment.”

Longer than Frisco ISD’s standard two week break, some students are struggling to get the motivation to resume Collin classes. 

“I think it’s hard going back to college after such a long break,” senior Taylor Nwamadi said. “Since it’s a college class, it’s more of a responsibility to take on.”

Students can view their schedule here for the current semester that ends May 17.