Evoking manic with Halsey’s new album


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Halsey’s new album, Manic, released on Jan. 17, 2020 featuring many empowering songs. Focusing on topics such as self-love and positivity, Halsey catered towards his younger listeners.

Haille Hughes, Guest Contributor

Featuring an upbeat vibe, Halsey’s new album Manic is an empowering set of songs. It’s similar to her typical music style, and continues her indie-pop music career. 

Some of the songs are collabs with other artists, such as BTS‘s SUGA, in “SUGA’s Interlude”. SUGA’s Interlude combines both artists artistic styles, and it adds something different to her normal music. In Manic, Halsey also worked with Alanis Morissette, a Canadian-American singer/songwriter, on “Alanis’ Interlude “. The song itself maintains her typical vibe, yet still has a more grungy feel, coming from Morissette. 

The whole album radiates positivity, and preaches self love. It caters towards the younger listeners who are more influenced by society and social media, and talks about empowering yourself, and disregarding what others think about you. 

Although the music is great, and it shows some of her best work, it felt repetitive. Everything followed the same basic path, and lacked something that sets it apart. 

“SUGA”s Interlude” contrasted her normal work the most in the sense that it involved a separate band, and language. Halsey’s music on it’s own all seems the same on Manic. It’s a decent album, and continues her wonderful style. It preaches self worth, and love, and hope. It just lacks something different.