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Amelia Jáuregui, Staff Reporter

Just over a hundred years ago, World War I took place, and now a little more than a hundred years later, the newest war movie, 1917 is creating serious Oscar buzz.

The movie, directed by Sam Mendes brings horror and devastation, while also showing intense bravery and the loyalty of two main British soldiers . 

According to Rotten Tomatoes, this movie is rated a solid 89 percent and an 8.5 out of 10 on IMDb. Something I’ve noticed on my other movie reviews is that the Google user review is usually a lot higher than the movie critic reviews, however this one is very comparable with a rating of 91 percent. 

Besides Mendes, another notable person involved in this movie is the director of photography, aka the cinematographer, who created this beautiful masterpiece. Roger Deakins.

If you have seen the movie 1917, it feels as if the entire film is done in a single shot. I was shocked when I saw that and extremely impressed, because that is a very difficult thing to do, and even harder to do well. 

1917 has already won three Golden Globes, and is in the running for 10 Academy Awards, including Best Cinematography with Roger Deakins, Best Director with Sam Mendes, and Best Picture.

This movie isn’t one you should expect to make you smile. Instead, expect to be on the edge of your seat, wondering whether or not the goal will be reached and who will be affected by the end. A phenomenal movie that deserves all their praises and will blow you away with it’s beautiful visuals, yet hold-your-breath anticipation throughout their journey.