New club helps musicians prepare for auditions


Dea Divi

After rescheduling, band is finally performing Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at their Midwinter concert. Redhawks are excited to show off the music they have been working on in class.

Hannah Beeler, Guest contributer

The Mock Audition Club is going to be lending a helping hand to musicians on campus when it comes to the auditioning process, starting with their first meeting Wednesday in the band hall (F112) during advisory.

“The purpose of the Mock audition Club is to help musicians get ready for auditions and competitions,” president Juliy Kim said via text. “There will be one mock audition and one sight reading session per month during audition and competition season. We will also have members listen to music from different time periods and different composers to help expand their knowledge of music”.

Vice president Jeamin Yun hopes the clubs helps students take a new approach to auditioning.

“I hope students feel more comfortable with playing in front of others and at auditions,” Yun said. “I also hope they start to realize that criticism isn’t an insult but more like a suggestion to get better”.