8th grade students get preview of high school at Wednesday’s Redhawk Rally


Melody Tavallaee

Current 8th graders that will be attending Liberty next year will be coming to campus to get a sneak peak of high school life. The Rising Freshman Night is taking place from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday.

Aarya Oswal, Guest Contributor

Students from the class of 2024, and their parents, have the chance to talk with current teachers and students about the various classes and programs offered on campus at the annual Redhawk Rally event Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. 

“So our Redhawk Rally is going to be open for our incoming freshmen,” F-L counselor RyanKiefer said. “It is an orientation for the class of 2024. We are going to have teacher sponsors there, just kind of giving them information for students and parents. It will be kind of like a bridge of transition from middle school to high school life.”

Learning about what classes are available to incoming freshmen can be an important step according to Spanish teacher Jose Villanueva.

“I think that this orientation for next years’ freshmen is a great opportunity for them to learn about the different types of classes you can take in the upcoming year,” Villanueva said. “We are so happy to be showing these students their ‘possible future’ I guess in a way you could say it. Also, for the students that perhaps didn’t take a language last year could really get a new lens into seeing the different language options we have here in the high school. Having teachers over there to help these kids see what classes they might be interested in will definitely be a big plus for this event.”

All eighth-graders from any Liberty zoned middle school are invited to the Redhawk Rally to learn about expectations and requirements according to lead counselor, Stephanie Mueller. 

“We have invited all 8th graders from all of our feeder campuses including Lawler, Scoggins, Nelson, Vandeventer, and Fowler middle schools to come visit us to hear a brief presentation and then get the opportunity to talk to teachers, counselors, coaches, and to ask questions and get acclimated with everything liberty high school has to offer,” Mueller said. “We hope it gives them the opportunity to ask questions about classes that they maybe want to take next year and also just to see smiling faces so they can see that the teachers here want to help them and that they are able to answer questions about expectations in classes or expectations in athletics, or band or whatever it is their freshman year.”

Eighth-grader Pearl Kapoor hopes her questions about what classes to take could be answered by the teachers and counselors who would be present at the rally just for that very reason.

“I am so excited,” Kapoor said. “As high school approaches faster and faster, everything is falling into place. I think this rally is going to be really beneficial because I’m still kind of confused on like what classes I should take for next year, and so if the counselors over there can help me decide, that’ll be fantastic.”