‘Just Dance’ stress away Friday during advisory


Maddie Aronson

Friday, Jan. 31, 2020, during advisory will be filled with music and dance as student council set up the game ‘Just Dance’ in the gym. By doing so, STUCO looks to help relieve stress for students on campus.

Robbie Violante, WTV Staff Reporter

Exercise, fun, or simply a way to reduce some stress, student council doesn’t care, they just want students to dance during advisory.

The classic rhythm game Just Dance has rocked the shelves for ten years, and Friday during advisory, students are invited to the gym to engage in kinetic gameplay.

“A few of us were put on trying to find a project that we could involve the whole school,” student council member, junior Sydney Andros said. “I know that everyone loved Just Dance growing up and it was just something that a lot of people did or know about, so we decided that it’d be fun to just project it in the gym and it would create a sense of community within the school that everyone could join in, and do together.”

Hoping it’s a fun activity for students, student council member, senior Annie Hawkins, sees it as an opportunity to relieve stress during the school day.

“I’m looking forward to see the turn out of all of the students who want to get involved in school activities,” Hawkins said. “I believe that it can help students let loose and destress from their busy schedules.”