Adulting 101 teaches a different set of skills


Photo by Kennedy Williams

In order to learn about confidence intervals, statistics classes have been working in teams of personal strengths to gather data from minute-to-win-it type games. “I love the idea of making the project interactive and allowing other students around the school to participate,” senior Anjali Pothukanuri said.

Yael Even and Advik Dixit

High school is usually geared towards preparing students for an education beyond graduation, but starting Monday in advisory, a couple of classes are helping students for the real world with sessions called “Adulting 101” that will take place through Friday in rooms E104 and E105.

Family Career Community Leaders of America co-sponsors Jessica Fisher and Kristi Swinnea have set up several different sessions to help students with skills that might be taught regularly on campus. 

So last week we had a meeting and there was a panel of students who were answering questions about their education,” Fisher said. “One of the things and it was kind of resounding which we constantly kept hearing at that meeting was that they needed more practical lessons, adult skills. Things like filing their taxes, navigating their mortgage, credit scores, credit cards and things like that and we offer those classes. Swinnea teaches dollars and sense and I teach a relationships class called interpersonal studies where we do a lot of those adult skills but our classes aren’t accessible to all our students.”

Sessions on medical bills, health insurance, and minor car repairs are some of the practical skills they hope to teach.  

”Adult week is an opportunity for students who are in all AP courses and dual credit courses and they don’t have the opportunity to take the courses that Fisher and I offer, the family and consumer science courses,” Swinnea said. “A lot of them are very practical for everyday which are great just for anyone who is going to be an adult someday. I teach dollars and sense which all about personal finance is just all of life skills. I also do fashion design. We’re just trying to give students that opportunity to learn some of these things without having to take our courses.

The sessions are designed to help students understand snippets of the real world.

“I learned about medical insurance, how it works simple terms such as copays and deductibles,” junior Makenzie Cobb said. “I think it’s very beneficial to learn about these things. Once we graduate the real world expects us to understand how to do taxes and insurance, but we were never taught these things. So I think it was very educational for us to get the opportunity to learn about it before we graduate.”