Meeting with new potential Red Rhythm members


Emily Vetvick

The 2020-21 Red Rhythm team is already underway as candidates attend a meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020. Auditions are just around the corner with tryouts beginning March 20, 2020.

Hannah Beeler, Guest Contributor

With Red Rhythm tryouts approaching on March 20, candidates who wish to be on the 2020-2021 team are required to attend a mandatory tryout meeting, with a parent, Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in the library.

“The purpose of the meeting is for all hopefully new members and their parents to come and learn about all the information for the year,” Red Rhythm assistant director Sarah Cadungug said. “We will talk about what the process will be like for tryouts, what we do throughout the year, payments, and more”.

For Red Rhythm hopefuls, like sophomore Valerie Miller, the tryout meeting is the first step into the auditioning process. 

“Being in dance last year and seeing the Red Rhythm officers dance is what made me want to join,” Miller said. “I’m excited about the meeting, but at the same time I’m nervous too”.

Sophomore Red Rhythm member Kelly Masucci believes that anyone that is hard working can make the team, and that the tryout meeting helps students learn if Red Rhythm is a good fit for them.

“If you’re willing to make the time commitment, you enjoy performing, and you like the idea of dancing alongside your friends nearly every day at school, you should definitely consider joining,” Masucci said via text. “If you’re debating trying out for Red Rhythm, the meeting would be really helpful for you to see if it’s something you could and would want to do.”