Oscars review


Amelia Jáuregui, Staff Reporter

From a hostless show, to a first time ever before title, to nearly a dozen Elsa’s, to famous artists all the way from Elton John to Billie Eilish, the 92nd Oscars was an unforgettable night in film history.

First and foremost, how could I not start with Parasite? This movie was the the movie to win the most awards at this year’s Oscars with 4 awards in total. The Oscars that Parasire won were Best Original Screenplay, Best International Film, Best Director, and Best Picture. This was an honor. Bong Joon-ho, the director of this award winning film, definitely deserves a lot of credit for this talented piece of work. In addition, this is the first ever non english speaking movie to win best picture. This is history in the making!

In addition to the incredible achievements of Parasite, there were also some really neat things that happened at the Oscars. One being, of course, seeing all the celebrities dress up all fancy and appreciate their love of movies and each other’s company. 

But of course, on with the winners. Best actress was Renee Zellweger with the movie Judy, and Best Actor was Joaquin Phoenix with Joker. Phoenix was expected to win, however I was unsure of who would win best actress with who was nominated. 

As for some of the other categories, “(I’m gonna) Love Me Again” by Elton John was the Best Original Song, which brought on a really cool performance by Elton himself which everyone enjoyed. And other categories such as costume design being won by the movie Little Women, and hair and makeup from Bombshell.

One category that really moved me as well, was best animated short film with the winning short being “Hair Love.” A short sharing the struggles of being a child with ethnic hair, and learning to manage the mane that it is. This short shows not only love for your natural beauty, but diversity to the animated world that is not seen as often as it should. The directors of the film gave a lovely speech and I highly recommend checking that out. 

Overall, I thought it was a very entertaining Academy Award Show, and there was nothing that moved me the wrong way. While I wish all of the amazing talent in the room could have gone home with an award, I was more than happy with everyone who got to take one home, (or if you’re Bong Joon-Ho, quadruple that number).