Dressing their best, Buddies ready for winter formal


Amelia Jáuregui

Former Best Buddies president Isabella Pedron (right) poses with club members after last year’s winter formal.

Caroline Caruso, Guest Contributor

Prom isn’t until April, but for Dallas/Fort Worth chapters of Best Buddies, Saturday means Winter Formal at Bishop Lynch High School

“It gives buddy members a fun opportunity to have fun and let loose,” Best Buddies campus president, senior Amelia Jauregui said. “It’s a lot like a homecoming or prom, where everyone gets to dress up. It’s a lot of fun, especially since we get to do something outside of our school with some of the buddies and get to meet some of the other chapter members from other schools as well.”

Excited to get together with friends, campus Buddy Director Aidan Barnes, is looking forward to Saturday’s dance. 

“I’m excited to dress nicely while being able to talk with my friends,” Barnes said. “I like dancing and the overall atmosphere of these kinds of things and I’m hoping to meet new people at the formal.”

For club sponsor Cynthia Kays, Saturday’s dance is the first formal she will be going to with her students.

“It’s a way for them to get out and have fun in a way that’s sensitive to their needs,” Kays said. “This year I’d like to network with other schools, but also making sure that our kids are safe while still enjoying themselves and interacting with others.”