Technical issues follow HAC update


Sarah Boutouis

The first nine weeks of the school year is coming to an end Friday. For students in sports, this is also an eligibility checkpoint.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

The four day weekend brought a Frisco ISD technology update, but as of Wednesday morning, some students were being met with inactive links when they attempted to check their grades on the Home Access Center.

“I know there are currently some issues that they are already working through,” digital learning coach Clayton Pope said. “The goal was let’s implement it on Saturday. Since it was a long weekend, they tried to fix it before Tuesday. There are some residual issues. The best way to resolve that is to email me at and I can forward that or help troubleshoot.”

Although there are still some issues with the update, it could bring both ease to parents and students when it comes to checking grades and other information.

“They are implementing a new system called Guardian Gateway where the former system was parents who wanted to see their kids grades, they would log into HAC using their student’s login information,” Pope said. “Now they run their own account, they can reset their own password at any time and do a self serve type deal. The other change, formally students had a different login information than their computer login. So it’s going towards what we call a single login type system. So now students login starting February 24 it’ll go live to where students can login to the computer and to HAC with the same credentials.”

For the time being, freshman Paul Lee, who makes a visit to the website on a daily basis, finds the technical difficulties worrisome.

“The new login screen is cool but if I log in, I’m not able to access anything so that’s annoying,” Lee said. “I need to be able to see my grades in order to know if I’m doing good or not.”