AP Seminar exam presentations tackle world issues


Ava Peinhardt

Professional Communication students have been working on “How To” presentations on a skill or talent of their choice.“Some of the main topics I took from this assignment was that you have to think about what you want to say in the way a child would understand so that everyone can understand,” junior Dhruv Maruvada said.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

Responsible for dividing into groups of four and choosing a world problem to research and solve, AP Seminar students are presenting their final products to the class Friday, in a process that began Wednesday.

“The presentation that the students are doing right now is called the teen multimedia presentation,” AP Seminar teacher Chad Doty said. “It’s part of the official AP task. The AP test is made up of the End of Course Exam, Task 1 and Task 2. So the presentation that they do now, I grade it and send it off to College Board and it’s used to calculate their final score.”

Choosing to focus on the increase in pharmaceutical drugs, sophomore Sai Anbuchezhiyan appreciates being able to tackle every aspect of an issue.

“Personally I did the scientific lens and health lens,” Anbuchezhiyan said. “So I talked about how drugs alter the chemistry of your brain and how they get you addicted in the first place. The solutions are research based and we also have to find the limitations of the solution we’re saying like how the solutions might not work and dilute the complexity of the issue.”

All and all, the task has forced students to refine their researching abilities.

“AP Seminar has made me a better researcher,” sophomore Sreya Das said. “It has helped me be able to evaluate and identify credible and relevant sources all while being able to craft a compelling argument.”