One Act Play gets more than a day in the spotlight


Emily Vetvick

Auditions are Wednesday and Thursday for theater’s new show “The Actor’s Nightmare.” According to theatre director Heather Willingham, the play is a good fit for the times.

Kanz Bitar, Staff Reporter

Theatre’s UIL One Act Play competition begins on Wednesday at Independence High School but the troupe is performing its version of Reviving Ophelia in the auditorium Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m.

“With this group we have a lot of seniors who have been with me for years now and I just want the best for them,” theater teacher Heather Willingham said. “You know you always want to advance just because you get more chances to tell your story again and again.”

One of the leads in the play, senior Emily DeGarmo, has high hopes for their performance and is excited to see what other schools’ performances.

“I am currently a little sick so I’m nervous because of that but I feel very prepared and excited to show people what we’ve worked on,” DeGarmo said. “It would be really exciting to advance, but really I just want us to put on the best show we can. I’m looking forward to growing closer with the cast, as well as enjoying other schools’ performances and meeting all the new people.”

Hoping to advance out of the first stage, senior Shivani Desai is looking forward to competing.

“It’s been a few years since I competed for theatre so I’m excited about that, and also the show has really come together so nicely,” Desai said. “I hope a decent amount of people come to see the show this Thursday and Friday, and I hope we advance at least once in the UIL competition. I’m really looking forward to performing this show which we’ve spent almost 6 months working on.”