Featured Athlete: Lily Ziemkiewicz

Grade: 11 | Sport: Basketball

Aden McClune, Staff Reporter

Wingspan: How is Liberty basketball different from Nebraska?

Ziemkiewicz: “I think the amount of practice. We definitely practice more here, and the pace of games is definitely faster than Nebraska, there we just sat around and shot more.”

Wingspan: How did you feel scoring the 3 in overtime at the end of the game?

Ziemkiewicz: “I was really excited. At first I was like ‘Oh no, this better go in.’ If I missed I would’ve been really worried.”

Wingspan: Since liberty lost in the championships last year, do you feel any pressure as a new player to win this year?

Ziemkiewicz: “I think there is always pressure. Going into every game you want to win. But I just think we need to play our game and have fun. When we’re having fun we’re playing better.

Wingspan: Did you know much about our basketball program when you moved?

Ziemkiewicz: “Yes I actually did. I knew most of the senior class that used to play in my old club when I played here.”

Wingspan: Do you feel like you’re almost the unofficial “leader” of the team?

Ziemkiewicz: “No, I think that title definitely belongs to our leaders our captains, Jazzy and Maya. Jazzy is definitely the most vocal leader, out of them and I try to be there and do my part and be encouraging. 

Wingspan: As one of the oldest, do you feel a sense of responsibility for the team?

Ziemkiewicz: “I definitely think I have a sense of responsibility. I always want to show up to practice and put my best effort in.”

Wingspan: Do you have a special diet or regime?

Ziemkiewicz: “I do. I’m gluten-free and I shoot every Sunday to practice.”

Wingspan: What do you typically do before a match?

Ziemkiewicz: “I’m very superstitious. I always have my lucky socks, my lucky hairband, and I put on my favorite music before I play.”