Driving the school to help the community, NHS hosts clothes drive

Minuki Medis

Minuki Medis, WTV Staff Reporter

Clubs around campus are working together to give back to the community in a new way.

Starting this week, students can bring their old clothes to the rotunda to donate for the schoolwide clothes drive.

Clothes of any size and material, including formal wear, are welcome.

National Honor Society President Ayda Sow, who organized the event through the president together meetings, believes this is a great way to give back to the community.

“We’ll have students donating clothes to the school, and putting the clothes in the rotunda, so we’ll be collecting clothes for two weeks,” Sow said. “It will be clothes that will be ranging from any stay at home clothing, to any new dresses that you might not be wearing. It can be really anything, the only thing that we request is that all the clothes are washed.”

The drive will continue for a week after spring break as well.

There will be a schoolwide folding day on March 20 in the cafeteria where students can earn volunteer hours for coming in to help organize the donations for different shelters.

Any extra clothes will be donated to One Thread to make blankets for the homeless.