Onward Trailer


Amelia Jáuregui, Staff Reporter

Pixar’s newest movie Onward was just released on February 29th, and a critic reviews are leaving me both excited and nervous to see it over the upcoming spring break.

Onward is a story of two brothers who embark on an adventure filled with magic, to find a way to  spend a day with their father who unfortunately passed before they could fully remember him.

What I have seen from trailers is a kid-friendly and fun adventure that makes me excited to see the movie, but reviews have left me feeling much differently than the individual trailer.

Pixar is known for their high quality animation that goes beyond fun characters on a screen. There are deeper meanings that are woven into the storyline, that show difficult topics such as heartache, loss, emotions, family, and much more. However, according to The New York Times, “it doesn’t quite cast a spell,” into the typical standards of Pixar. 

The magic of this world, is actually quite, unmagical if you have to put it into words. After years of fascination by inventions, such as the lightbulb, rather than magic, even the existence of magic becomes obsolete and highly uncommon. I am not sure how that plays into the magic that is being used by the brothers in order to fully embrace their somewhat forgotten father, but there seems to be something a little strange going on.

I haven’t seen the movie for myself, so I can’t give my full opinion, but I am interested in seeing whether or not this movie can hold itself to the expectations set by other Pixar films. Nonetheless, I am going to see the movie. The movie already has and will continue to make a profit just because of the corporation behind the screen. 

We’ll see how I feel in a week after seeing it, but hopefully it does better than the way I feel writing this “before I’ve seen it,” post.