COVID-19 puts spring sports seasons on hold


Emily Vetvick

Junior Chandler Benson looks up for the ball. COVID-19 has taken away from many senior’s last spring sports season. All Frisco ISD sporting activities are postponed until April 3.

Walker Shippy, WTV Staff Reporter

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, spring sports seasons such as golf, baseball, softball, track and field, and tennis are being postponed or canceled. All Frisco ISD sporting activities are postponed until April 3.

Senior Alex Garza lost his last high school baseball season with COVID-19 on the rise.

“On Friday of spring break we played our district game against Reedy and after the game we found out that school and our season was going to be cancelled for the next week and indefinitely,” Garza said. “And it really sucks because it’s senior year, I was really excited to play with my teammates and see how far we could go. And now we just don’t know, we just have to hope for the best that we will be able to play again this spring.”

Golf captain senior Tyler Shippy is unsure if he will be able to play with his team again.

“It’s actually kind of sad for us because we have districts March 30 and 31, those got canceled,” senior Tyler Shippy said. “We’re not 100% certain what we’re going to do about that or if well even have a district because i’m a senior, its my last season year, I wanted to play my last tournament, well maybe it wouldn’t have been my last if we went to sate, but now we’ll never know.”

The seasons’ durability being questionable is a big problem for athletes with aspirations to play at the collegiate level.

“Personally I’m not looking to be scouted but I know there definitely are people on the team who are looking to be recruited or scouted,” Garza said. “The high school season is a big time for scouts to come and watch people compete, people play together and see how people win and lose and that could obviously affect a lot of people who are in their junior or senior year. So again more reason for us to hope that the season gets back online.”

COVID-19 has hurt the chances for athletes to get scouted for the collegiate level.

“I’m not planning on playing college golf, so it doesn’t affect me as much,” Shippy said. “But I know that there are some kids who are, and it’s unfortunate because something like this has never happened before so were not really sure what’s going to happen in terms of recruitment, how colleges are going to recruit kids without having a season.”