AP testing held online

Cooper Ragle

Cooper Ragle, WTV Daily Update Producer

Many changes have been made to the daily routines of people due to the COVID-19 virus, one of which, for students, is AP testing

Due to the virus all AP tests will now be taken online at home.

According to the College Board website for each AP subject, there will be two different testing dates. 

The full exam schedule, specific free-response question types that will be on each ap exam, and additional testing information will be available by april 3rd.”

This is something that’s never been done before and can have big effects on students like senior Isabella Knott.

“I just have a very hard time focusing and so if it’s at home and I have all these distractions around me,” senior Isabella Knott said. “Obviously I don’t know how they’re going to completely handle it and control it to where people can’t cheat or that kind of stuff. I’m kind of still very confused about like the term online AP testing and my worry is basically just that I’m not gonna be able to focus.”

This new way of testing doesn’t just affect students but teachers as well.

“I’m just kind of skeptical about that for two reasons,” english teacher Chad Doty said. “I think students are pretty creative about how they can cheat, so they can collaborate in some way or cheat in some way so that’s an obstacle to online testing, and secondly typing an essay is a significantly different experience from writing an essay. I know in AP classes they hand write all their essays throughout the year, so that’s gonna be a pretty big adjustment to students. If they have to type instead of write, on a positive side I think students can prepare for what they’re gonna experience. I think AP teachers can prepare typed essays rather than written essays for the remainder of the year. Students can really be trained in how to appropriate use a testing environment in the comfort of their own home, so even though there are some obstacles I think it’s a reasonable thing for them to do based on the circumstances.”