Featured Athlete: Jack Day

Grade: 12 | Sport: Golf


The boy’s golf team takes the course on Friday in the Bearcat Brawl. The team is hoping to use this tournament as a way to swing back into things after snow and ice delays.

Wingspan: When did you start playing golf? Who introduced you to it?

Day: “I started playing in 7th grade. My dad made me at first, but I ended up enjoying it after a while.”

Wingspan: Does the weather affect your playing at all?

Day: “Summer is definitely easier, but it’s sometimes hard to find shade. Winter really sucks because it’s harder to tee off, and the ball can get stuck in the mud.”

Wingspan: Is it difficult to stay honest on the course?

Day: “Sometimes when you’re alone it can be difficult to stay honest but I don’t think we’ve had a problem with cheating before so it’s not a huge problem.”

Wingspan: Is it a physical challenge hauling your clubs across a course?

Day: “Not really, most of us have done other sports before and stay in shape but it can be difficult for some people, especially if there’s no cart around. But it’s not like football or anything, it’s not much work.”

Wingspan: Do you have any tips for people who wanna try golf?

Day: “Just stay patient and keep an open mind. It’s a hard sport to get good at, especially at first working out all your hand eye coordination things.”