Students self-quarantine after spring travels


Provided by Jiya Surywanshi

Teenage study habits have changed over the course of time. Guest contributor Pranavi Poojeri looks into different study methods that can help with the workload that comes with high school.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

COVID-19 has left the nation in chaos with stores closing their doors and school districts moving to online learning.

While some students are being cautious following President Donald Trump’s 15 day plan, those that went on spring break trips are especially worrisome. 

Traveling to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Chicago in the span of one week, senior Taylor Bullitt is practicing self-quarantining habits to prevent illness and the spread of the virus.

“I have tried to avoid public places or areas where there are more than 15 people at a time,” Bullitt said. “I am no longer allowed to go to work and my family has stayed inside for a majority of the time unless necessary. We’ve also stocked up on food to avoid trips to the grocery store.”

Senior Ellie Cline also travelled to Cabo San Lucas over spring break and hasn’t left her house since returning home.

“Well we got home on Saturday and I haven’t left my house since,” senior Ellie Cline said. “My mom works in the healthcare industry so she’s preoccupied trying to figure out the crisis. She definitely has a better understanding than most parents and how it impacts us. I’m so bored. I’ve watched so much Netflix, and I’m about to deep clean my room. I’ve done all my school work already.”

Moreover, being in the airports during this time was a different experience than what Bullitt was used to.

“Coming back from the airport since the epidemic had advanced to this degree, most of the people on the plane had disinfected their area beforehand and the majority of the people had masks,” Bullitt said. “The airport had a more extensive screening process for international travellers but most of the flights were only halfway full. I had a whole row to myself on an international plane due to low capacity.”

While the nation waits to see how the pandemic will play out, freshman Will Jackson is attempting to fill the time.

“I have been practicing self quarantine habits by just distancing myself from people outside of my family,” Jackson said via text. “Because of that I’ve been pretty bored but to fill my time I just play a lot of Madden.”