Adjusting to e-learning


Kasey Harvey

An empty school due to corona virus has led teacher and students to switch to online learning. E-learning is now refining their methods as we move into the third week of online learning.

Ayooluwa Olotu, Guest Contributor

The first week of eLearning consisted of trial and error for both students and teachers, but the third week that started on Monday brings new materials as everybody has gotten into the flow.

“There were some problems during the first week but they were all solved,” biology teacher Chris Ham said. “Problems include just getting used to the eLearning system and getting access to a computer and/or internet. At this point, I’m used to the eLearning system.”

Now that everyone has had a chance to adjust, students are figuring out how to optimize their schedule to complete all their work on time.

“To get into the flow of eLearning, I treat my work as homework and make sure I complete a good amount each day,” freshman Manal Nasir said. “Also, I have written down the assignments I need to finish each day in my planner so I won’t forget or procrastinate. I try to keep my schedule the same each day so this routine will become natural for me each day.”

While many enjoy the new learning system, some believe it could be improved.

“I think having more Zoom calls with teaching would be helpful,” freshman Diya Mehta said. “The Zoom calls that I have had have been more optional and check ins but I think I and other students could benefit from some actual structured teaching.”

After a week of trial and error, students such as freshman Manal Nasir are finding a balance between eLearning and relaxing. 

“After school I try to work on my hobbies like reading and painting,” Nasir said. “Also, I watch movies with my family. This allows me to de-stress for the day, and I then can do better in my work for the following days.”