Students take time off work amidst coronavirus concerns


Prachurjya Shreya

Restaurants all across the country are putting business on hold, including restaurants like Bubba’s, where only take out options are available. With these precautions in place, some students are choosing to stay home from work, to reduce their contact others in practice of social distancing.

Hannah Beeler, Guest Contributor

As worries about COVID-19 continue to increase, students with jobs have been making the decision on whether or not to continue working. 

“I am still working despite COVID-19 because I still get paid to work and I wash my hands pretty regularly,” Calloway’s Nursery employee sophomore Gaby Godoy said vía text. “My parents are a little scared but I don’t have a lot of contact with people and I mostly take care of the plants so I don’t think I will be greatly affected.”

Many students have stopped working, but even when they were, they took precautions to keep themselves and others safe. 

“Personally, I washed my hands every time I touched money or cards,” former Parks Donuts employee, junior Amy Kim, said via text. “I did this because the money and cards are passed around to so many people and many different people touch it, contaminating it”.

Junior Annie Tian, who worked at KD College Prep before it was temporarily closed, believes it’s best for students to just stay home.

“I think if possible, students should try to stop working,” Tian said via text. ”Not only keep themselves safe, but also to keep family and others safe too”.