Zoom becomes a new form of the classroom


Emily Vetvick

Campus hallways and classrooms are empty as students and teachers take part in eLearning amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. In order to maintain a classroom environment, a common way teachers connect with students is through a video communication application called Zoom.

Aarya Oswal, Guest Contributor

Looking for new methods to make teaching during this difficult time a little less easier, some teachers are using Zoom to connect better with their students.

“I don’t know what I would do right now without Zoom,” chemistry teacher Angela Montgomery said. “It is super easy to use (even for me–and I am “technology challenged”). I really like being able to see and talk to my students so easily. Some questions can be answered by email, but  more involved questions are much easier when we can see each other and talk “face to face”.”

Although algebra teacher Kourtney Smith doesn’t use Zoom for class sessions, she believes it is very helpful for one-on-one tutorials.

“I really like Zoom. It has proven to be user friendly,” Smith says. “I use it for school and for religious activities. I haven’t explored the cool background options though but I love being able to share my screen. I don’t do live lectures on zoom as most of students prefer to watch a video recording on their own time. But it’s great for one on one tutorials.”

Even though freshman Shruti Shah prefers going to school rather than online school, she realizes she has no other choice and believes Zoom is the more helpful solution for learning rather than through things like emails.

“Some of my teachers use zoom and honestly, I like it better than just doing e-learning,” Shah said. “It allows me to actually talk to my teachers upfront and if I have any questions, I can ask them right then and there, rather than having to wait for a response to an email that I would’ve had to written instead. Of course it’s not as useful as learning in class, but since we have no other choice but to stay home, the Zoom is the best option in my opinion.”