Fine arts creates an Alma Mater video collage


In light of COVID-19, fine arts programs on campus created a video collage of the school’s Alma Mater. Assistant director of orchestras Victoria Lien hopes the making video can connect students through music during this time.

Hannah Beeler, Guest Contributor

Members of band, orchestra, and choir aren’t letting the social distancing restraints caused by COVID-19 prevent them from continuing to connect through music as they put together a video collage of the school’s Alma Mater to be published on social media platforms Friday.

“The goal of this video is to include band, choir, and orchestra students and unite them in a school song to hopefully help boost some school spirit and pride,” creator of the project, assistant director of orchestras Victoria Lien said via email. “Each student submits a video of the Alma Mater, they have an audio reference point that they are listening to as they record, and then these videos are compiled together”.

Inspiration for the video collage came from Eric Whitaker and other musicians that have done similar projects.

“I think it’s a really cool idea to put together a virtual orchestra,” violin and trumpet player Julia Johnson said via text. ”It’s good to be able to make music even when we’re isolated from each other”. 

Violin player Kritika Ramesh believes that the video will help close the gap created by social distancing. 

“This video can show others that social distancing does not have to be a barrier between people, rather something that can help us bond over,” Ramesh said via text. “Multiple people were able to collaborate on the making of this video, even though social distancing is physically separating us. This video is a small act of kindness dedicated to Liberty’s pride.”