Dance 1 creates their own solo


Sarah Boutouis

Dance 1 students were tasked with the challenge of choreographing their own solo. However, students wish they were able to receive feedback from their peers.

Jordan Battey, Guest Contributor

The dance department has adapted an eLearning project for the next five weeks that has all Dance 1 students creating a choreographed solo using their own styles, techniques, and songs. 

“The project has been adapting to each student choreographing a solo rather than a group project. Student and teacher communication has been successful by using Screencastify, video, and audio files,” Dance 1 teacher Nicole Nothe said via email. “I feel very confident about what the dance students have submitted so far. Next week, we will begin a movement and I am excited to see what the students create at home. I was a little concerned about teaching at home, but it has been surprisingly easy because of the use of video.”

Doing this project without the support of a group is troubling to freshman Sarah Schindall. 

“It is a really creative way to do dance at home, and it is just really fun,” Schindall said. “But we cannot really get peer feedback.”

Shannon Christian, a freshman dance student, feels that this project will help all students stay active and healthy, but understands the pros and cons. 

“I feel having the choreography project at home is a good way to stay active while I am at home, and have time where I can be creative and create something. I can also work on the choreography at my own time and pace which is nice considering all of our course work,” Christian said. “Unfortunately, since it is at home, this does mean that it’s not a group project. I was looking forward to collaborating with others because I know when it comes to a dance, others’ ideas are vital in helping the dance be a successful performance.”