Prom gets a virtual twist


Roy Nitzan

While prom was originally scheduled for April 4, 2020 at the W Hotel in Dallas, the COVID-19 pandemic put up a roadblock. However, prom and a DJ was hosted virtually on Saturday on livestream using both Facebook and Instagram.

Kanz Bitar, Staff Reporter

Even though prom was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic, the school hosted a virtual prom on Facebook and Instagram Saturday. 

“Last week Mrs. Whaling, Mrs. Stevens and I met with some of the senior StuCo members,” principal Ashley Rainwater said. “Several ideas were tossed around, but the actual idea of the virtual prom was given to us by the DJ. The DJ has been incredibly understanding and wonderful to work with during this process. There are not any definite plans on the future of the actual proms. All ten Frisco ISD high school principals have been meeting with district leaders regarding proms and other end of year events. At this time, unfortunately, we do not know when we will be allowed to meet in a large group again. Students have been giving ideas on prom that I have been sharing with the other principals.”

Senior Michal Sayyid took advantage of the virtual prom and got dressed up with her friends.

“Virtual prom didn’t and could never substitute the real thing, but there isn’t anyone to blame for a situation that we’re all struggling through,” Sayyid said. “A few friends and I got dressed up and video called each other during the Instagram prom. I’m glad the school gave us that opportunity. Although the cancellation of Prom was a disappointment, it’s nice that the school tried to arrange something else.”

Senior Hanna Turner hopes for a real prom eventually.

“I think it’s nice of the school to try to give us this virtual prom but it still wasn’t the full experience,” Turner said. “I hope that they will let us have an actual prom when this all clears up.”

With the cancellation of prom everyone who purchased a ticket will automatically receive their money back.

“Liberty seniors that have already purchased a prom ticket will be issued a refund,” Rainwater said. “The refund will be processed automatically and it is not necessary to contact us to request the money back. Please understand that Frisco ISD is in the process of cancelling hundreds of events districtwide and it may take some time to process all the refunds.”