Easter looks different for many due to social distancing


Aaron Boehmer

Non-denominational church Preston Trail continues to host online only services amidst COVID-19 outbreak. Religious institutions and churches are unable to congregate as part of social distancing restrictions.

Hannah Beeler, Guest Contributor

With the social distancing preventing religious institutions from opening, many churches and families will be taking a different approach to their Easter Sunday traditions this year.

“My family’s typical Easter plan is similar to many others around the world, Christian or not. We wake up and get a sweet treat from the ’Easter bunny’, head off to church, go to brunch after,” sophomore Katie Stone said via text. “Because my family will no longer be able to go to church our plans will definitely change, but we will continue to celebrate to the best of our abilities. We are going to get dressed up like we would any other year and simply watch the service on our TV. And of course, to feast we will have a homemade picnic”.

Many churches have found ways to help others to continue to celebrate the holiday.

“We have many ways to celebrate Holy Week this year that honor social distancing requirements,” a priest of Christ Church Plano Reverend John Battey said via text. “For example, on Sunday, April 12th, we have recorded an Easter service that will be available at 9AM on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Our Easter morning service will include a sermon, prayers, and music.

Freshman Jessica Warner will be having twice the celebration for Easter this year.

“We are still kind of attending church this year because my church is going to live live-stream sermons,” Warner said via text. “They are also going to be celebrating Easter on whatever Sunday we get out of quarantine, so I think my family might do something similar”.

For students like sophomore Kelsey Madden, an Easter with social distancing will allow them to focus on the more important parts of the holiday. 

“I firmly believe that even though we are in this pandemic we can still easily celebrate Easter,” Madden said via text. “Even though plenty of things might have been cancelled I believe Jesus might have allowed these things to happen in order to focus our minds more on Him and to spend more time in His word”.