Red Rhythm pivots tryouts to online submissions


Emily Vetvick

Back in December, Red Rhythm freshmen Megan Lynn, Jane Li (right), Akanksha Mehta (left), all participated in several team building games to bring the team closer together. While Li and Mehta would normally be gearing up for annual in-person auditiorns, tryouts for the next school year have been moved online due to COVID-19.

Hannah Beeler, Guest Contributor

Red Rhythm hopefuls will be dancing to a different beat as they create and submit video submissions by Tuesday, for this year’s line tryouts instead of doing them in person.

“​The candidates are contacted by the directors with the virtual tryout information which includes videos of the choreography. The dancers learn the tryout choreography at home, record their audition, and submit their video to the judges,” Red Rhythm director Nicole Nothe said via email. “After the submission deadline, Mrs. Rainwater will hold a Zoom meeting with the judging panel where they will watch all videos and score each candidate.”

This year candidates will be scored on the execution of their left and right splits, their right pirouette, various jazz techniques, a military dance routine, a high kick routine, and showmanship.

“I decided to knock it all out in one day,” sophomore Sophia Reeves said via text. “I got dressed and did my makeup how I would for a live try out. I learned the combinations in the same hour I filmed my tryout which surprisingly only took me around 45 minutes to do in whole.”

Candidates have had to face some different challenges that come with trying out at home.

“A challenge I’ve faced with not being able to do in-person tryouts is limited space in my house,” freshman Akanksha Mehta said via text. “Also, it can also be harder to reach help if I have a question.”

Incoming ninth grader Reva Kabnurkar believes having her first Red Rhythm tryout online includes both challenges and perks.

“I won’t be able to meet the people that I would be trying out with, and I won’t be able to get advice from dancers who are already on the team,” Kabnurkar said via text. “However, if it was an in person tryout, I would only have one chance to do a skill right, but because we are doing online tryouts, I can do a skill many times until I get it perfect.”