Red Rhythm takes spring show online

Red Rhythm

Ananda Ghoshal, Staff Reporter

Red Rhythm couldn’t host its` their annual Spring Show live, so they did the next best thing and turned to Instagram and shared videos of their performances via social media. 

“We spent the weeks previous preparing the videos and organizing everything, so in actuality, there was no dancing that actually took place on the show days,” senior captain Ellie Cline said. “Instead, we had a full team zoom “viewing party” in which we all got together and watched the videos before they were released to Instagram.”

Cline says that given the situation, the transition to social media was handled efficiently and although all members look forward to this, it was still a time for them to reflect.

“I think our team, my officers, and our amazing directors have handled it so well. All year we look forward to our ‘spring show season’ because it’s the one part of our yearlong journey that’s really all about our team and our graduating seniors, and we definitely all took the time to reflect on such a big loss,” Cline said. “But also, we’ve found so many ways to stay connected and still make the most of our last few months together.”

With this transition, Red Rhythm still wanted to continue the tradition of having the seniors share a final dance together. 

“We created a compilation of all of us doing a clip of dance with our caps and throwing them to each other since we couldn’t get together to rehearse and perform ours,” First Lieutenant Ashleigh Rose said. “We also made a mashup of all of us doing our own contemporary choreography to a song with our Graduation Caps. It was so awesome to see my fellow seniors come together to create a special memory even if we aren’t together.”

During the preparation for the show, the class of 2019 Red Rhythm members surprised the current members on Zoom to share a video they organized for them.

“The Red Rhythm seniors last year, sympathized with the seniors but shed a new light on their next journey in life by highlighting all of the firsts that they will make in college,” junior Urja Joshi said. “I think really helped boost morale for the seniors and their kind words and recognizing how much they love us boosted ours as well.”

Here’s some of the videos from Red Rhythm’s virtual spring show “Hometown Heroes”:

Spring Show Trailer

Jack & Jill Dance

Senior Dance

It’s A Nurse” 

All I Do Is Win

I Love My Squad

I Need A Hero

Fight Song” 

Pray You Catch Me

Red Rhythm Memory Video