Theater students push the limits of their imaginations


Emily Vetvick

Cast and crew lists for theater’s upcoming fall production, The Laramie Project, were released Sunday, after students auditioned last week.

Aarya Oswal, Guest Contributor

A childhood fairy tale is coming to life for Theater 1 students as they write a script and perform it using what they have at home and their imagination.

“I can’t give you a lot of information on this particular project, because the lesson is designed to be presented as a surprise each week,” teacher Heather Willingham said. ”I can tell you that original student work, everyday household objects, and each student’s inner 5-year-old, will all play a big part in the final performance.”

Freshman Sarah Schindall believes her childhood growing up with fairy tales will be a big factor in creating this project as she has to both create the script and perform it.

“I grew up listening to many stories about princesses and fairy tales, and this week, we have to come up with a script for a particular fairy tale that we enjoy,” Schindall said. “I think this is so cool, because we will then be able to act it out with whatever we have at home. This is by far the best project I’ve done in theater so far.”

The project will allow sophomore Manas Ayyalaraju to learn something new.

“I’m not too familiar with fairy tales and things, so I am not sure if this project is the one for me,” Ayyalaraju said. “Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity for me to learn the most of what I can.”