Seniors celebrated despite COVID-19


Senior Rileigh Horcher poses with her new treats. Starting as a Facebook trend, ‘Adopt a Senior’ has allowed community members, friends, and family to spoil the seniors as their last year of high school was cut short.

Kanz Bitar, Staff Reporter

Although the class of 2020 had its senior year cut short due to COVID-19, a few Frisco ISD administrators came together and created a group on Facebook called ‘Adopt a Senior’ which sees  seniors “adopted” by people who want to buy them little gifts to celebrate the end of senior year

“I was invited to a Little Elm group like this and decided to make one for Frisco,” SLC paraprofessional Shalee Hill said. “I grew up in FISD and now work for FISD. The other admins that are working alongside me are Regina Booth, Tara Lisa, Amanda Nguyen, and Stephanie Smith.”

After being invited into the group, people post an “about me” page and wait to be picked. 

“The family of the senior just posted a little “about me” with pics,” Hill said. “Someone will comment that they want to adopt them and then once confirmed by the family, they will change their status to adopted and we turn off the comments to the post. It helps keep seniors who are not adopted at the top because if someone comments, then they make that post go to the top, which is why we turn off adopted senior’s comments. I honestly didn’t think it would blow up this big. The first day hardly anyone was on and that made me so nervous. The next couple days were crazy and it was hard to keep up with seniors who hadn’t been adopted.  So many people were posting.”

Christi Gore, family friend of senior Micaela Landauro, decided to adopt her because she wanted to reward her for working hard in high school. 

“There are several reasons I chose Micaela,” Gore said. “I have known the family for 7 years and think that they are such a wonderful family. But the main reason is because Micaela is an exceptional person and student.  She has worked so hard in high school to keep her grades up and to be within the top 10%. She needs to be spoiled for that dedication and for being such a good person. I just feel so bad for all seniors who have to miss out on prom, senior skip day, parties, etc. I have loved the experience. I wish I could adopt them all. I love to see smiles on their faces since they have had so many disappointments at the end of the school year.”   

Micaela Landauro appreciated being adopted and the support she’s getting.

“I think it’s nice that they’re doing this for the seniors,” Landauro said. “It’s a nice way to show that we have support from other people during these tough times. It’s good to know that we are loved and we have people that are around us that care. I think it’s nice that they are making this year, although very different, still feel special for us. It allows us to have that final year experience that all the classes before got.”