Teachers return to the classrooms starting Monday


Michael Martin

Starting Monday teachers will be able to return to their classroom for a two hour block. For safety precautions, however, there will be a limit to how many staff members are on campus at one time.

Yael Even, Managing Editor

Teaching from home through Frisco ISD’s eLearning system since March 17, teachers are being given the chance to work in their classrooms, for a two hour block starting Monday.

“Several weeks ago the district formed a committee to look at the safest way to close the school,” principal Ashley Rainwater said. “We wanted to make sure that all teachers were able to retrieve items from their room, turn in their items, and gather things they wanted to return to the students in their class. Members of the committee included principals, district administrators and various district security personnel. Using guidelines from the county and working with health officials a plan was created to allow staff members back on campus. We have asked our teachers to wear masks and gloves while they work on campus. We have also asked them to maintain the suggested distance of six feet from each other. Clorox wipes, gloves, and hand sanitizer was stationed on campus for teacher use.”

AP US History and American studies teacher Emily Griffin is ready for her campus visit.

“I feel totally fine about going up to Liberty with the precautions in place,” Griffin said. “At this point I’ve learned what precautions to take to best keep myself safe out in public, so I’m not too worried about going up to the school. It’ll be sad to go without all of the students and teachers there, though.” 

To ensure social distancing protocols are being followed, there are limits on how many teachers can be on campus at once. 

“At most 12 teachers were able to sign up for each two hour time slot,” Rainwater said.  “The time slots were set up to ensure that only one teacher was working in a particular hallway at any given time.”

Being away from her students for the last six weeks has made Griffin realize how much she loves to teach.

“I am so sad that the year was cut short. I know that it was necessary, but I was having the best year with the best students,” she said. “I genuinely loved all of my classes and miss my students all the time. Knowing that I won’t see them all together again in my classroom has been hitting me pretty hard, especially this week. This experience has made me realize just how much I love hanging out with my students and being in the classroom with them- it’s definitely my favorite part of the job.”