Auditions for orchestra held through Google Classroom


Sarah Boutouis

Practicing with the orchestra, sophomore Christine Verzo follows the music. Orchestra students in the process of auditions for All-Region choir attended a recent clinic to help finalize their pieces.

Hannah Beeler, Guest Contributer

Social distancing won’t stop orchestra from conducting their yearly auditions on Thursday. 

“Students will be expected to submit their video of their audition music through an assignment on Google Classroom,” assistant director of orchestras Victoria Lien said via email. “Cuts will be a shortened version of what we had originally released about a month ago. They will be released at 8:00 a.m. and students will have up until 11:59 p.m to practice and record and submit”.

With auditions being online, students won’t have access to as many resources to help them prepare for their audition.

“One of the biggest challenges I will face when doing my online audition will be not being able to receive instructional feedback more often before the audition day,” freshman cellist Akash Pradeep said via text. It will also be hard to not be able to practice in person with directors as well as classmates”.

Sophomore viola player of Juliy Kim believes that the audition day will have some positives and negatives.

“Unlike previous years, where you get only one chance to perform, this year’s audition will be through video recordings, so it gives a lot more flexibility for each student,” Kim said via text. “However a challenge for me this year is that because of my perfectionist character I will take the whole day to record my audition until I get it perfect”.