Schalla gets creative with her annual class photo


Provided by Ana Cuen Alcelay

With campuses across the district opening with virtual learning for the first three weeks, many classes are mixed, with teachers teaching students from various campuses. “We have students from other campuses because not all campuses have the same amount of students who want to do in person and face to face classes,” English teacher Chad Doty said. “We are really trying to handle that overflow especially of those students who want virtual environments so I think it is beneficial in that way. Working with other schools in the district, we are able to kind of shoulder the load and help out our students and facility around Frisco.”

Ana Cuen Alcelay, Guest Contributor

COVID-19 isn’t going to stop math teacher Kathryn Schalla from continuing a tradition that began when she started teaching. Taking advantage of today’s technology and Zoom, Schalla was still able to gather all her classes to take their photo

“I have taken a picture of each of my classes every year since I started teaching,” Schalla said via email. “I always do it sometime in May. I don’t even remember who I got the idea from!”

Those that joined their designated Zoom times were able to reunite as a class and catch up. 

“It was really cool to get to see some of my classmates again on Zoom,” junior Megan Guidri said via text. “I also think it was great to see the seniors from our class before they graduate. Overall, it was really neat to be part of Ms. Schalla’s tradition of taking a class picture every year, even with the quarantine going on.”

Students like junior Shivani Kosuri also appreciated the chance to come together, but wish they could have had the full experience with their friends. 

“I feel sad that I wasn’t able to take the group picture in class because I miss being able to interact with others, and this picture is a resemblance of that,” Kosuri said via text. “Although I think it’s definitely a memory for the books, it’s kind of disheartening at the same time that we all had to be locked up and not get to be together!”

While the pictures were a success, there were many differences that came from taking the photos virtually. 

“It’s so different not being in a classroom!” Schalla said via email. “Normally, the classes can choose to do a funny class picture and it really shows everyone’s personalities. I also pick a day where everyone is in class so no one is excluded. This year I was very limited so I tried to get as many of my students on Zoom as possible. It’s just not the same everyone being separated.”

Despite this year’s pictures looking different, Schalla appreciates the continuity to her tradition. 

“Of course I will still hang this year’s pictures up!” She said via email. “There’s a first time for everything so it’s a great way to remember the crazy end to our school year.” 

Some former students have a fond memory of their class pictures, and hope it is the same for those this year no matter where it was taken.

“I often visit Ms. Schalla for advice so I get to see my class’ picture on her wall, and it makes me think of some good times in that class. I like that I can see a lot of my friends and I together, and it shows our classroom dynamics,” junior Sara Aldana said via text. “Even though this year’s classes had to take their picture online, I think the overall sentiment will not change.”