Abbott’s decision to reopen is premature


Kasey Harvey

The fate of Gov. Greg Abbott’s directive regarding medical treatments provided to transgender children that could apply to school employees, as well as all licensed professionals who have direct contact with children, is currently on hold after a state judge ruled Friday that providing gender-affirming care is not a reason for the state to investigate a family for child abuse.

Ana Toro, Guest Contributor

Gov. Greg AboAbbott has now begun to open the state of Texas back up . What does this mean? It means that businesses are reopening, COVID-19 cases could skyrocket, and Texas could finally see the effects of this pandemic on a larger scale.

Frankly the governor’s decision to reopen Texas is premature and ignorant. He is not considering the fact that COVID-19 cases could skyrocket. Reopening could increase the chances of infection due to more people going out and not practicing social distancing. 

It is understandable why the governor is eager to reopen. The economy is down, stores and small businesses are losing money, families aren’t making money to support their families, and so many other things that are being affected by customers staying at home. But it’s important to acknowledge that though reopening might help these businesses, it increases the chances of people getting infected.

It seems as though the governor’s decision is not only premature but somewhat biased, for lack of a better word. It’s like Gov. Abbott is opening the state to get the favor of the president. We know that Trump has been adamant on reopening the country and the economy, but has his ignorance spread beyond Washington?

It is crucial to understand that this is not going to just go away. We need to stay at home and practice social distancing! If people start going out now because they think that the state reopening makes it safe, then we are going to start seeing some of the numbers they are seeing in New York.

Gov. Abbott is neglecting the possibilities and the certainties of what will come from reopening the state. And it is not comforting to know that once we reach our peak in cases, he will be the one leading us through it.