Golf season cancelled


Photo used with permission from @Redhawksgolf

The boy’s golf team takes the course against schools all across the area Friday and Saturday morning. The team is hoping to use this tournament as a way to get better for Frisco Cup.

Walker Shippy, WTV Staff Reporter

They’ve been practicing since the start of the year for their chance at state.

But the UIL’s decision to cancel the golf season leaves some athletes disappointed.

The end of the spring golf season brings with it many negatives, especially for those looking to play at the next level.

Senior, Tyler Shippy, notes that for seniors and those looking to be recruited to play college golf, the end of the season spells disaster.

“So for me, I don’t plan on playing college golf,” Shippy said. “But I know for people like Raleigh who’s a junior and Jack Day who’s a senior, it really affects this part of recruiting. Especially because Jack Day and that means that the recruiters can come and see him, they haven’t been able to see him so they have to rely on previous scores and stuff like that, or they scouted him at the beginning of the year. The problem is if you’re trying to get recruited right now and none has seen you because that’s really what recruiting is about going and seeing what you do, and they can’t do that.”

Although senior, Jack Day, didn’t play a spring season, he landed a partial scholarship to play golf at drury university where the coaches have been checking in despite the season’s cancellation.

“They’ve just been reaching out,” Day said. “I’ve talked to my coach a couple times. He’s checking in, seeing how we’re doing and hoping everything is going to be ready for fall and have a good golf season then.”

Both Shippy and Day miss playing golf with their teammates.

“What I miss most about golf is spending time with the team,” Shippy said. “With quarantine and everything I havent had the ability to go out and play with them. So everytime I go out and practice it’s by myself.”

“Obviously it’s disappointing not to get to go play districts and maybe regionals or state but I think we had a good fun season while we had it,” Day said.