Two Redhawk golfers named to All-State Academic team


Walker Shippy

With their spring season cancelled due to COVID-19, many golfers are left disappointed. However that’s not the case for seniors Tyler Shippy and Sona Shah who were named to the All-State Academic Golf Team.

Walker Shippy, WTV Sports Producer

Making it to state on the course obviously can’t happen for the Redhawk golf team, but two golfers made it to state academically.

Seniors Tyler Shippy and Sona Shah were named to the All-State Academic golf team with Shippy placed on the second team, and Shah named to the All-State Elite team.

Both players accompany past Redhawk golfers who have earned academic all state honors.

“We have had several, actually Tyler is the first boy that we’ve had in the program for a while,” golf head coach Shannon Glidwell said. “We had one back in 2010, but we had a pretty long streak of no guys, so Tyler broke the streak which is nice. We’ve had several girls over the past few years, usually there are about one to two girls per year that make the academic all state teams but this year was Sona.”

Both Shippy and Shah are honored to be named academic all state golfers.

“It is definitely an honor to be a part of that group in general,” Shippy said.  “Even though I wasn’t obviously the highest, I was still definitely an honor.”

“I’m really excited,” Shah said. “I really liked being on the team and i also really liked keeping up with school so it was really nice to be awarded for both of those.”

Glidwell notes the high distinction that Shah received, being named elite

“I was happy for both of them,” Glidwell said. “I was really surprised, well not surprised that Sona was named to the elite team. The Elite Academic All-State is sort of like the best of the best so I think that’s a tremendous honor. We’ve never had a golfer that has done that; most of them have just been named to the first team or the second team or an honorable mention but Sona is our first golfer ever to be elite level academic all state, so that’s a very, very small percentage of the students who are chosen for academic all state.”