Algebra 1 students show their mastery in end-of-the-year project


Megan Ward

Tile painting has been an annual project for precalculus students, but painting ceiling tiles is a part of this year’s Algebra 1 end-of-the-year project. Other options for the project include creating an Algebra 1 glossary, making a music video, or taking a quiz on every module covered throughout the year.

Aarya Oswal, Guest Contributor

Finishing up their last unit, students in Algebra 1 are working ontheir end-of-the-year project due Friday, where they get to decide if they want to paint on one of the ceiling tiles, create an Algebra 1 glossary, create a music video, or take a quiz on every module they’ve done.

“All of the projects review at least one full unit of information we have covered throughout the school year,” teacher Kortney Smith said. “I hope students use their choice and decide which project is best to demonstrate their own mastery of the content they have learned this year.”

Freshman Sahana Raghu hopes her art skills will come in handy while working on the ceiling tile project, as she has to create a picture using functions and graphs depicted in the painting.

“I think that the end of the year project is a very good recap of what we have learned so far,” Raghu said. “It also helps the students to look at the same topics they have learned from a practical standpoint through the project. I’m doing the tile art project because I like painting. I think that project was a really creative way to combine both algebra and art together.”

Taking the quiz on every module, freshman Abigail Junan believes the project is a great way to recap whatever she’s done for the year.

“For my project, I am doing the module quiz where we have to take a quiz on every module that we have done for this year,” Junan said. “It’s a great way to recap whatever we’ve done for this year. These quizzes will definitely help me recall whatever I forgot.”