Staying home means more practice time behind the wheel for some


Freshman Andrew Jauregui takes advantage of the extra time on his hand to improve his driving skills. Although it’s encouraged to stay home, some students are still committed to passing their driver’s test.

Hannah Beeler, Guest Contributor

Spending time cooped up in their homes is something most people are going through, but many student drivers are taking this time to hit the road to practice their skills behind the wheel.

“I have been driving more than before quarantine around parks and minor roads,” freshman Abdrew Carnline said via text. “It has given me something to do and it seems easier than before quarantine.”

A decrease in cars on the road with more people working and learning from home has made practicing easier on students.

“I drive around my complex and parking lot and sometimes I go out and drive out in the street with my sister,” sophomore Gabi Goddoy said via text. “It’s easier because there is less traffic, so I don’t get so nervous when driving”.

Freshman Madison Gray believes students should also be prepared for life on the road after quarantine.

“Some advice that I would give a person practicing during this time is to be prepared for more cars to be on the road once things clear up,” Gray said via text. “It may be hard to get used to.”