NHS officers announced


Minuki Medis

Previous NHS officers are soon to be relieved of their duties as the 2020-21 officers have been announced. Junior and new president Laura Young is already looking at ways she can improve the organization.

Ana Cuen Alcelay, Staff Reporter

It took a runoff to determine the position of secretary, but National Honor Society officer elections for 2020-2021 are officially over. 

“I look forward to meeting our new officers, as I have only really met two of them so far,” NHS sponsor Kelli Duckworth said via email. “I think things will be different next year, in many ways, but I look forward to seeing how we can adapt and grow from all of this.”

Due to two tied secretary candidates, there was a secretary runoff with junior Gabriella Salazar ultimately won.

“Everyone who was running for an officer position was very capable and possessed the qualities of a strong leader,” Salazar said via text. “I believe that my vision for the club and my dedication to improving the organization set me apart from others. I emphasized my goal of providing new opportunities for our members, and I expressed my commitment to serve the body of NHS. I hope that I can encourage everyone to grow as individuals and further their passion for public service.”

Despite the school year not being over yet, next year’s president, junior Laura Young, is already looking ahead to next year to improve NHS, and hopefully make it better for its members.

“First off, I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve NHS!” Young said via text. “My priority will be making sure the members are well informed and that meetings are informative and efficient. I am also planning on looking for different volunteer activities that can be made available to students since service is such a big part of NHS. I really wanna foster a community in this club based on respect for one another and honor our member’s achievements. All in all, I am so excited for next year and creating some positive change in the community.”