Scholarship night moves to home delivery


With it’s annual Scholarship Night cancelled due to limitations of social interactions, this year the Frisco Education Foundation delivered news of scholarships to the homes of students.

Caroline Caruso, Guest Contributor

In sight of social-distancing protocols and current limitations on public events, the Frisco Education Foundation was forced to cancel their annual Scholarship Night on Wednesday for this year’s senior class.

Fundraising events had to be postponed, cancelled, or re-imagined on a much smaller scale,” FEF Director, Allison Miller, said. “Some of our supporters have re-directed donations that would have typically been gifted to the Frisco Education Foundation to support the efforts of first responders and front line workers, which is certainly commendable. What is happening now due to Covid –19 is going to impact us not only now but most likely in the future.” 

As for 2020 recipients, ceremonies were brought to doorsteps by donors and members of the FISD school board.

Through it all, the goal of FEF remains the same.

“[FEF] exists solely to benefit the students and staff of Frisco ISD,” Miller said. “Aiming to make an impact by investing in the future now.”