Teens Teach Technology helps senior citizens learn electronics


Screenshot from Teens Teach Technology Youtube channel

During the pandemic, many older adults have faced difficulty trying to stay connected online. Teens Teach Technology’s new chapter in Texas hopes to provide aid to this problem, looking to teach technology to senior citizens.

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

For many elderly members of the community, staying connected to the outside world has been very difficult during the pandemic.

Teens Teach Technology’s new chapter in Texas hopes to help solve this problem.

“Teens Teach Technology is a national youth organization originating in Long Island, New York,” founder Asmita Mittal said via email. “We currently have 40+ high school members from over 10 states in the US. We aim to teach the elderly and older adult population the basics of technology including social media, applications they can use on a daily basis and entertainment.”

Seeing the work done by the New York chapter prompted sophomore Devika Nambisan to start a chapter in Texas.  

“The mission of teaching technology to senior citizens was what really prompted me to join Teens Teach Technology,” Nambisan said via email. “I wanted to create something similar that was going in New York in Texas, so when there was an opportunity to create a chapter in Texas, I was interested.”

Teens Teach Technology teaches online lessons through libraries and nursing homes.

“I’m a part of the public relations team in Teens Teach Tech,” junior Aleeza Hussain said via text. “I’m in charge or contacting various senior citizen centers and libraries to tell them about our organization and offer them lessons.”

Despite its small number of volunteers, sophomore Samhitha Radhakrishnan believes Teens Teach Tech is a good opportunity for both its members and the seniors they teach.

“It is a great opportunity for people to earn volunteering hours,” Radhakrishnan said via text. “It also helps teach others how to use technology so they can survive in a world that depends on it everyday.”