Early AP test prep for AP World History


The STAAR is on for students, but school districts won’t be graded as the Texas Education Agency announced Thursday that A-F ratings are paused for the 2020-21 school year.

Aarya Oswal, Staff Reporter

AP tests aren’t until May, but for students in AP World, it’s never too early to begin reviewing for the tests in the form of a review folder which they can access anytime. The AP World Folder Project has students work on all the major skills and content needed for a time period. 

Reedy HS AP World History teacher, Jocelyn Harty, wants students to practice image analysis, review over the topics and learning objectives given by the College Board, include their vocabulary Quizlets, practice thesis writing, provide a thematic overview of the period, and practice mapping skills.

“This folder project used to be exclusively done on manila folders that I had created a few years ago,” Harty said via email. “For Virtual Academy, it was adapted into an interactive Google Slides template that VA students could choose to do instead of the traditional physical version. However, all VA students were also given the opportunity to choose the physical format and pick up all materials needed from Reedy.”

Harty hopes the project will also serve as a review for the end of the year before students are due to take the AP test.

“For all work done, I simply expect my students to try their best, and to provide an honest look into what they have learned from the time period,” Harty said via email. “I hope they also create an excellent review they can use during our AP Exam review at the end of the year.”

Sophomore Kritika Ramesh thinks the project was very helpful because it serves as a refresher for what she had just learned, making life easier for her when the test comes around.

“In the project, we had to consolidate all the information we had learnt that unit into the main themes that are tested on the AP exam,” Ramesh said via email. “Writing summaries and examples of each theme were some of the things we had to do for the project. I think it was extremely helpful because it not only solidifies the information that we just learnt, but it also will help when we start reviewing for the AP test. This project is really helpful and drives home what is important.”

Even though the project was difficult in some aspects, sophomore Sadhana Dharmireddy firmly believes it will end up helping her when test day comes around.

“I’m not going to lie; it was pretty difficult, but once I completed it I realized that it would be really helpful for the exam at the end of the year,” Dharmireddy said via email. “I would do it again because I know it would help me in the future for maybe even other classes.”