StuCo hosts annual food drive online


Aaron Boehmer

A poster promoting StuCo’s annual Nov. food drive hangs in the rotunda. A QR code hangs to the right of the poster, which has Amazon links to the items that can be donated as the event is online this year.

Kate Graham, WTV Staff Reporter

The Student Council is hosting its annual Nov. food drive this week, but like most things on campus, the event will be a bit different this year as an online cart is replacing boxes in the rotunda.

“There’s going to be a link to an Amazon wishlist, and when you go onto the link there’s going to be different foods that you can buy,” StuCo President Franny Trezza said. “What they ask is that you don’t do any canned vegetables and that whenever you check out, in the ‘from’ section you put your campus, so in this case you would put down Liberty.” 

A QR code is posted in the rotunda, which has Amazon links to the items that can be donated.