PAP French 3 classes use simulations to master job interviews


Aviance Pritchett

PAP French 3 students practice their career life by going through a simulated job experience.

Aarya Oswal, Staff Reporter

Preparing for an upcoming simulated job interview, students in PAP French 3 are preparing to make up an entire scenario over where they are looking for a job after just graduating college right after Thanksgiving break.

Junior Tashnuva Ahmed claims that the simulated job interview is a great opportunity for students to practice and prepare for the real world.

“We are doing a project where we plan our future careers and practice things like preparing for a job interview,” Ahmed said. “I think it’s a cool project since we get to practice French and also prepare for real-world things we’ll have to experience. Through the project, students get to think about and plan what it is they wish to do in the future and also practice what is expected of them in a job interview.”

Students have to dress up and create a resume. According to sophomore Harinee Srimalar, this project will allow students to see if this is the pathway they want for their future.

“For this project, we have to prepare for the interview for our ‘Dream Job’,” Srimalar said. “I think this is pretty cool because it gives us a real feel of what a real interview would feel like. Students will really get to learn about their dream jobs to see if that is really what they want to do in the future.”

Sophomore, Amulya Rayabhagi, claims this will help students to improve their French speaking skills and learn the culture and customs.

“We have to pretend that we graduated college and are currently looking for a job,” Rayabhagi said. “We are doing this all in French, which includes writing the resume in french format. [I think] it would be fun but at the same time challenging as we have to not only be professional but also do this all in french. Also, it helps in giving an idea of what they might expect to see after their college graduation.”