CDC guidelines for COVID-19 change


The CDC has changed guidelines for quarantine after students test positive for COVID-19. Students in contact tracing can now come back to school quicker than before.

Kate Graham, WTV Staff Reporter

As scientists and researchers learn more about COVID-19, guidelines are changing as to what should, and shouldn’t be done.

Helping lead the way in getting information out is the Center for Disease Control which just adjusted some of its guidelines for quarantine. 

This change has already tricked down to FISD.

“So the CDC has released additional guidance with quarantining,” principal Ashley Rainwater said. “There are 2 options we can take, one is quarantining being shortened to 7 days with a negative test, the other option the CDC put out is quarantining when you have been in contact with a positive case for 10 days. Based on the number of cases in Frisco and the spread we are seeing the district has determined to shorten our quarantining to 10 days, so students and staff members that are in contact with a positive person are asked to stay home for 10 days before they return to school. 

While the quarantine period is shorter, there are certain things that can still be done in the effort to prevent a positive COVID test. As always wearing a mask, social distancing, hand washing all of those other important things we have put in place to stay safe is still highly recommended.