Why you shouldn’t be mad


Guest contributor Emily Thomas shares her thoughts on why people shouldn’t be so quick to judge someone that isn’t wearing a mask.

Emily Thomas, Guest Contributor

If you are on any type of social media, I’m sure your feed has been filled with tons and tons of Homecoming pictures. There is one specific group photo of about 25 freshmen that has been circulating on Snapchat and Instagram.

You have most likely seen the photo with paragraphs and paragraphs attached to it about how the people in that group are “horrible, selfish people, lacking human decency.” The name calling has been out of control. While the decision to congregate in such a manner may have been short-sighted, these students were, as we all are, well aware of their risk going into it; moreover, they are capable of judging and weighing the scale of potential consequences that could occur as a result.

The group of freshmen, and the people shaming them have one thing in common. They haven’t followed the COVID-19 guidelines perfectly. Nobody has. If you plan on hanging out in a group, you know the risks. You could be quarantined or possibly even get infected with the virus. The average high schooler doesn’t have much to worry about in terms of their own health with the recovery rate between 97 percent  and 99.75 percent

All of us have made sacrifices amid this pandemic including the freshmen. They don’t have large get-togethers every weekend. It is a once a year opportunity. Besides if political leaders aren’t going to wear masks or socially distance at their meetings, dinners, or celebratory gatherings, why should some freshmen in Frisco be held to higher standards?

It is understandable as to why it could be frustrating to some, but no one has been doing all the right things, and it is not fair to the freshmen to ridicule only them. 

As I was doing some internet stalking last night it appeared that hundreds of students here have been in maskless photos or traveling across the country. It is impossible to stay home for 10 months, not everything can be done from a computer. The hypocrisy, the blame, and the name calling is only dividing us more.

Before you post or blame, look back at every decision you have made within the past ten months. Has every single one followed COVID-19 guidelines? Everyone is doing what they think is best, and everyone makes mistakes. Big groups knew how dangerous their large gatherings could have been, but they made that decision for themselves.

The online posts, and ugly comments have left them feeling guilty enough. The hatefulness isn’t teaching anyone anything. So before you take shots at a group for violating covid rules, take a step back and realize that none of us have gotten through this perfectly.