AP lang students work to define a good life


Kasey Harvey

Digging beneath the surface, AP Lang students were challenged to create an argument on what defines having a good life.

Saachi Kuchu , Guest Contributor

Have you ever wondered, what makes a good life? The students of AP Language tackled this question as part of the project completed just before winter break began. For the project, they had to create an argument that answers the question “What makes a good life?” in one word. 

“The project requires students to create a 1-2 minute argument that answers the question ‘what is a good life’ in one word,” AP Language teacher Kacie Smith said. “Then, they must compose a rhetorical analysis of their argument.” 

Smith says the project is more about the skills learned than knowing the answer to the question.

“It’s not so much about students knowing the answer to the question,” Smith said. “But more about students practicing the skills of argument that are necessary for success on the AP Lang exam.”

According to the AP Language website, two of the skills needed for the AP exam are the ability to “Describe the reasoning, organization, and development of an argument” and “Use organization and commentary to illuminate the line of reasoning in an argument.” These skills could be strengthened by the completion of this project. 

But the positive effects of the project go beyond the AP Language class, as junior Shiori Harima thinks this project is important because it helps students keep focus.

“I think it’s important to know what makes a good life,” Harima said. “Because that helps you focus your values so that you can live a life that is meaningful to you.”