Featured Athlete: Natashya Ntuk

Grade: 12 | Sport: Cheer


Harley Classe, Assistant Sports Editor

Wingspan: When did you start cheer?

Ntuk: “I started cheering in 7th grade.”

Wingspan: Who encouraged you to start cheer?

Ntuk: “There wasn’t anything someone said specifically that made me want to start cheer, it was more of me going to cheer clinics at Liberty when I was in elementary school that made me want to be a cheerleader later on.”

Wingspan: What is the hardest part about cheer?

Ntuk: “For me it’s having consistent energy and pep because some days I’m just not in the best mood, but I can’t let that show on my face when I’m cheering because it’s really noticeable when someone’s faking a smile or not smiling at all.”

Wingspan: What’s your favorite part about cheer?

Ntuk: “Definitely my teammates because we’re always uplifting one another and there’s never a dull moment during practice because of them.”

Wingspan: Do you have a pre game or competition routine?

Ntuk: “I don’t really have a routine for pre-games or competitions.”

Wingspan: Who is your biggest role model?

Ntuk: “My biggest role model would probably be my parents because they’re always encouraging me to go after what I want and strive for bigger opportunities.”

Wingspan: What is one thing people think about cheer that isn’t actually true?

Ntuk: “I think some people believe that cheerleaders are enthusiastic and bubbly 80% of the time, but in reality we are susceptible to more than just 2 emotions. Just because we’re smiling doesn’t mean we’re happy, and just because we cheer and perform in front of a crowd doesn’t mean we don’t have insecurities.”