Why you shouldn’t wear shirts of bands you don’t listen to


Back in Black

Guest Contributor Emily Thomas discusses her opinion on band shirts, and the awkwardness that may come with wearing them.

Emily Thomas, Guest Contributor

The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and Nirvana. Their logos have all been turned into fashion statements; the band names plastered on shirts, stickers, and phone cases. 

People can wear what they want and do what they want, but for the awkward situations that come with it, it isn’t worth it. 

Have you ever run into someone wearing a shirt from a band that you love? Then you go up to them and ask what their favorite song is, then they have to awkwardly turn you away? It’s not fun.

It is a little bit disrespectful to the band because it’s basically saying “I don’t really care about your music but I like your logo!¨ On a much more serious scale you could compare it to non-Christians wearing cross necklaces or accessories.

Now I’m not trying to gatekeep band t-shirts, but by wearing the shirt you have an obligation to know at least a few songs, especially if you plan on wearing it out in public as you should expect someone to ask about it. 

For some bands that have been involved in scandals, the people who listen to those bands and choose to stand by them because they love and believe in them is one thing, but when you wear a shirt of a controversial band that you know nothing about, it could make you come across as a poser.

This isn’t anything to get angry about, but it is one of my little pet peeves. Wear what you want. Just keep in mind the awkwardness that may come with it.